Monday, January 14, 2008

Duncan Hunter wins big in Wyoming

Outspent 200 plus to 1 by the Romney campaign, Duncan Hunter pulls out a third place finish in the Wyoming caucuses. Duncan’s experience and solid campaign platform resonate with the Wyoming people. Lately, it seems most of the candidates (except John McCain head of the Kennedy wing of the Republican party or the Democrats ) are emulating Duncan Hunter’s position on Illegal immigration, Border security and the Border fence.

They will not even touch the China trade imbalance, and currency devaluation or the healthcare crisis and propose a “wait until it destroys our economy strategy”. In lieu of "a chicken in every pot", their campaign slogan is, "a Chinese made car in every garage" or "low paying service jobs for the masses"!

Can you believe that the wife of a liar and a serial adulterer who rented out rooms in the White House to Chinese businessmen is considered a viable Democratic candidate for president? The Clintons catered to Chinese business while reducing the size and quality of our military.


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