Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hunter Wins One Delegate in Wyoming and Other News

He came in 3rd following candidates Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.

Sadly, Duncan Hunter was excluded from the NH ABC debate and the NH Fox Debate. He hosted his own townhall meeting with one of his big supporters, Chuck Yeager, during the ABC debate. The NH GOP dropped its support from the NH Fox Debate because both Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter were excluded.

Duncan Hunter made an announcement on Monday the 7th before the primary that he wasn't happy about being excluded. He also made a surprise visit on Hardball with Chrissy Matthews.

Republican Presidential Candidate Duncan Hunter lashed out against the media for excluding him from televised debates leading up to tomorrow’s primary. Sara Sciammacco reports from New Hampshire.

Standing in front of a handful of TV cameras and supporters, Hunter attacked ABC News and Fox News. The two news organizations excluded him from Republican Presidential debates this past weekend.

But I am not going quit, Mr. Corporate Executive! You think you can turn the light off on this campaign by taking off the debates 72 hours before the poll's over.

Hunter says he'll fight all the way to the West, where he believes he'll garner strong support.


Fuller Duncan Hunter Press Conference Video

Duncan Hunter wanders onto the set of Morning Joe, January 7, 2008

Sadly, Duncan Hunter did not get any delegates in NH, but it is still early. There are 47 states to go! We have to fight for the only conservative in the race. If anyone reading this is from South Carolina, feel free to leave a comment with your email address. I'll email you how to get material. Feel free to do the same even if you don't live in South Carolina.

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