Monday, January 7, 2008

Northern Nevadans Listen to Duncan Hunter

After making a round of campaign stops in Northern Nevada after the Christmas holiday, Congressman Duncan Hunter found that Nevadans support his run for President. Congressman Duncan Hunter attended a townhall meeting in Reno on December 27, 2007 where there were almost 50 in attendance. All 3 of the local affiliate stations turned out to cover the meeting and interview Congressman Hunter. There were two other local stations and the local newspaper there to cover the event. Hunter spoke on the issues of unfair trade practices with China, the threat of terrorism in our country through our open borders and our rising problem with illegal immigration. General Chuck Yeager also spoke at the townhall meeting and told his story about how he broke the sound barrier and how the creation of jets came about.

The next evening, Congressman Hunter and General Yeager spoke to a standing room only crowd in Carson City, NV. There were over 100 people in attendance. Nevada’s First Lady Dawn Gibbons was there to meet him when he walked in the door and led a cheering section as he entered into the townhall meeting. The crowd in Carson City were very receptive to his message and liked each of the points that Hunter discussed. He spoke more in depth on the issues of education, the War on Terror, Iran, unfair trade with China and our economy. General Yeager also told his story of his career in the Air Force and told them why he supported Duncan Hunter. The people who showed up at this townhall meeting were so thrilled to support Duncan Hunter and they were anxious to spread the word about him to their friends. They all left with at least one of the new CDs that the campaign has just released. This CD is an excellent tool to spread the message about Duncan Hunter and it’s easy for folks to listen to it in their car on the way to work or wherever they are traveling.

During this trip Congressman Hunter and General Yeager toured the Nevada State Museum in Carson City and were able to see the Carson City Mint and see how the machine operated. Congressman Hunter also visited a locally owned and operated outdoor outfitter called Mark Fore and Strike. This business has been owned by 4 generations of the same family. Congressman Hunter enjoyed meeting with the Stodtmeisters (owners) and appreciated their knowledgeable staff who helped him pick out a gift for the Yeagers.


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