Thursday, December 20, 2007

CFR - Duncan Hunter

Throughout his nearly thirty years in Congress, Rep. Hunter (R-CA) has been a prominent voice on national defense and military issues. A Vietnam veteran, Hunter previously chaired the House Armed Services Committee and has long supported increased defense spending. He is the co-chair of the House National Security Caucus and supports the Bush administration’s efforts in Iraq.

Hunter has pressed for the construction of a fence on the U.S.-Mexican border, which borders his district. Under his leadership, nearly sixty miles of fencing along the border in San Diego County have been constructed. A member of the Congressional Jobs and Fair Trade Caucus, Hunter made fair trade one of the central issues of his platform and has often pointedly criticized the U.S.-China trade relationship as unfair.

After his military service, Hunter earned a law degree from Western State University Law School in California and worked as a trial lawyer in Los Angeles’ Hispanic community for a few years before his 1980 election to Congress.

Polling in the single digits nationwide, Hunter remains a lower-tier candidate for the GOP nomination. Still, Hunter’s conservative views on social issues, his military experience, and hawkish positions on Iraq and Iran may give him some credibility among Republican voters disillusioned with the frontrunners.

Campaign Issues
U.S. Policy toward Africa
U.S. Policy toward India
Military Tribunals and Guantanamo Bay
Domestic Intelligence
War on Terror
Democracy Promotion in the Arab World
Energy Policy
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
North Korea Policy
Cuba Policy
U.S. Policy toward China
Defense Policy
Homeland Security
Climate Change
United Nations
U.S. Policy toward Russia

To read Duncan Hunter's position on all these issues, please follow the link. (excerpt...see

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