Wednesday, December 26, 2007

CQ Politics’ Presidential Candidate Profiles: Duncan Hunter

As a virtual unknown nationally, 14-term congressman Duncan Hunter is trying to build a presidential campaign on his sturdy conservative credentials on defense and security policy at a time of war. The decorated Vietnam War veteran has focused his efforts in South Carolina, an early primary state where his hawkish views have found appreciative audiences.

Though he represents a San Diego-based congressional district in Southern California, Hunter kicked off his race for the White House in January 2007 in Spartanburg, S.C., with the slogan “America: The Strength of Freedom”. The state is one of the few places where Hunter’s long-shot campaign has broken through even marginally. His strongly conservative message emphasizing military might and protecting American markets from unfair foreign trade plays with voters in a state with several military installations and with a textile industry that’s been battered by foreign competition.

Hunter’s campaign was initially boosted by his top-three finish in two South Carolina countywide straw polls conducted in the spring of 2007, but Hunter continued to register in the low single-digits in statewide South Carolina polls through December.

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