Friday, December 21, 2007

Duncan Hunter Is 0% Green

Duncan Hunter, arepresentative in Congress for Southern California and Republican presidential candidate in 2008, seems to hardly have ever met an environmental cause that he gave a damn about. In fact, in 2006, Congressman Hunter didn’t meet a single piece of environmental legislation that he was willing to support. His rating in the League of Conservation Voters National Environmental Scorecard for 2006 was zero percent. Duncan Hunter didn’t vote in favor of keeping the environment clean one single time.

That kind of extremist, stubborn refusal to act as a steward of the Earth has no place in the White House in this time of escalating environmental crisis. (Source:
League of Conservation Voters, National Environmental Scorecard, 2006)


If you are a conservative, you know there's always something fun about ticking off the envirowhackos. :) Hunter certainly doesn't follow in the footsteps of the Mighty Goracle (al gore).

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