Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The China Threat Goes Unchecked

I may not agree with everything in this article, but it disucssues the impending threat of China that only Republican Candidate Duncan Hunter points out and mentions him being the best choice.

Churchill said in the British parliament that “democracy is the worst form of government,” and when the parliament gasped, he finished to its relief . . . “except all others” (that is, all other forms of government).

Churchill spoke after the victory over Nazi Germany (totalitarian dictatorship) to which victory he contributed as prime minister of Britain. But as of today the post-nuclear attack of China (totalitarian dictatorship) on the West (democracy) is within the realm of a future possibility, and so far the West has been barely aware of the existence of China, except recently, as a producer of toys, wonderfully cheap (slave labor), but sometimes toxic (absence of inspection).

Aristocracy (“the power of the best individuals”) as a form of government competed in ancient Athens with democracy (“the power of the people”). When John Stuart Mill published his “On Liberty” (in 1859), the form of government in the constitutional monarchy of Britain was still to some extent aristocracy. Even today, the prime minister, corresponding to the U.S. president, is elected by the parliament, which, in turn, was elected, at the beginning of the 19th century, by “the best,” accounting for a small percentage of the male population.


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