Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tancredo Backers Support Hunter Over Romney

Tom Tancredo may have thrown his personal support to Mitt Romney, but Tancredo's fans aren't buying it. Who are the Tancredo folks themselves backing now?

This from the TANCREDO FAN CAMPAIGN Blog. I am turning my endorsement to Duncan Hunter for President

Folks, the Primary is about conscience, not about who can beat Hillary. Duncan Hunter was always my second choice. For conscience sake, I must now turn my endorsement to Duncan Hunter.

It's been said, why would anyone endorse another candidate that is lower in the polls than the one that you supported (who dropped out)? Simple: for conscience sake.

Duncan Hunter is a true believer. We both happen to be Baptists too. He is a true Conservative. He will protect our sovereignty as a nation. He will fight Islamic terrorism. He's the only choice we have and he can still win if we get behind him.

I cannot dictate to you what to do with your own vote in the GOP Primaries. But, as the President of the TANCREDO Fan Campaign, I want you to know that I am endorsing Duncan Hunter for President.

How does this affect the TANCREDO Fan Campaign? It doesn't. I support Tom Tancredo. I am one of his biggest fans. And that is what this site was all about. So, I look forward to the next great thing that Tom does or plans and I am behind him 100%. Go Tom GO!


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