Thursday, December 20, 2007

Presidential Candidates Change Answers on Homosexual Issues

Candidates aspiring to be Commander-in-Chief should state their position on military social policies that directly affect discipline, morale, and overall readiness. Voters need to know, for example, what standards and principles will the next president apply on issues such as homosexuals in the military? To obtain answers, on November 1 the Center for Military Readiness began conducting a non-partisan 2008 Presidential Candidate Survey.

Responses so far raise more questions than provide answers. We are left wondering how far would some candidates go in forcing feminist and homosexual agendas on the armed forces? And why are other candidates slow to take a principled stand against harmful social engineering in the military? These are inconvenient questions, but Americans need answers before primary votes are cast in 2008.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee provided solid responses to most of CMR’s questions, which assign highest priority to military necessity, and support compliance with regulations and law regarding women in or near direct ground combat. Huckabee also opposes Selective Service registration of young women, female sailors serving on submarines, the still-unratified CEDAW Treaty, tax-funded feminist power bases in the Pentagon, and problematic family policies that subsidize and increase single parenthood, particularly in the National Guard.

Read on for the other candidates, both Republican and Democrat, especially Duncan Hunter. (excerpt...see

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