Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Countdown 2008: Meet Duncan Hunter

From Bob Deans in the Palm Beach Post-Cox News Washington Bureau:

In his own words: “I think I’ve got a chance, and that’s what you get in America, you get a chance. And you don’t whine about the odds or the difficulty, you go out and you take your best swing at this thing.”

Personal: At home in Alpine, Calif., Hunter attends the 400-member Trinity Baptist Church in nearby El Cajon. The pastor, Bob Winterton, often calls on him to deliver the benediction. A perfect day for Hunter: hiking, fishing, camping or hunting with family or friends. His wife is a crack shot: In Wyoming last month, she bagged an antelope at 453 yards. Aviation legend Chuck Yeager is a longtime friend of Hunter and his family and is an avid supporter of his campaign.

His prospects: Flagging. In a recent Gallup poll, Hunter was backed by just 1 percent of the Republicans surveyed nationwide. Of the eight major Republicans running for president, Hunter is tied for eighth place with Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado. As of the end of September, he had just $3,227 in his campaign war chest, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

(excerpt...see http://www.palmbeachpost.com/blogs/content/shared-blogs/palmbeach/floridapolitics/entries/2007/12/17/countdown_2008_meet_duncan_hun.html)

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