Saturday, November 24, 2007

Military committee member slams war film

A ranking member on the House Armed Services Committee sent a letter to the Chairman of the Motion Picture Association today calling the new Iraq war film "Redacted" a shameful view of American soldiers.

California Republican Duncan Hunter sent a scathing letter regarding Brian DePalma's new Iraq war film to Motion Picture Chairman and CEO Dan Glickman asking that he not forget that there are heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the United States and Iraqi people.

"Unfortunately, Brian De Palma's new movie "Redacted," which opened in several theaters this week, portrays American service personnel in Iraq as uncontrollable misfits and criminals," Mr. Hunter stated in his letter. "While incidents of criminal behavior by members of our military should never be ignored, the isolated incident on which this film is based negatively portrays American service personnel and misrepresents their collective efforts in Iraq."


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