Saturday, November 24, 2007

More On November Fundraiser - Good Work So Far!

Note that this was sent out before Thanksgiving but is still applicable because we still have a week left in November!

Congratulations! We're just below 25% of our goal for November with contributions! And the pledges haven't been tallied yet.

So, now's the time to kick in and ante up!

Tens of thousands have already rolled in and thousands more are expected!

AND, it's making a difference!

If you didn't catch it, Congressman Hunter recently appeared on an HOUR-LONG program with Glenn Beck!

Also, just last week, Congressman Hunter appeared on the O'Reilly Factor!

Click here to watch Hunter videos:

As you can see, the media is paying more and more attention to the right man for the White House!

All of this is perfectly timed with the national polls showing the so-called "front runners" as peaking out and even dropping in many of them.

On this Thanksgiving we have much to be thankful for!

Congressman Hunter is blazing the trails!

Coming out of Wyoming, he tackled Nevada for a two-day swing through the north country and then on to Michigan through key areas. Statewide media is up and on the air in Iowa and New Hampshire and big events are planned in South Carolina.

Thanksgiving is just days away!

Let's show our thanks for Duncan Hunter!

Running for presidency is serious and risky business!

A candidate has to risk his personal finances, his personal reputation, his career, and most of all his precious time spent with the people who matter most!

And that's just the regular candidates.


When you're a man of integrity - cut from the Reagan mold - you risk everything!

Yet, Duncan Hunter stands firm!

Despite the challenges, he continues in his steadfast belief that America has a greater horizon.

BUT, it won't happen without you!

Reagan rose to the occasion in last weeks of the election to ultimately stand in the White House, but it didn't happen on a whim.

Principled conservatives like you stood firm with him and said, "Enough is enough", and chose to believe in America again.

It's those same patriots like you who must stand now with Duncan Hunter!

And wouldn't it be a tragedy, after all, if Hunter won the presidency and you weren't a part of it.

With over 30,000 online Hunter supporters, less than 10% have contributed!

Don't be one of those "wait and see" supporters! We're counting on the "make it happen" supporters!

Had the founders been the "wait and see" sort of folks, we'd be swearing allegiance to a king across the sea!

Now - when it's all on the line - will you be like the patriots of old, when everyone else says it can't be done, and stand firm on principle?

Congressman Hunter needs you NOW!

Say thanks to Hunter with you most generous gift of $25, $50, $100, or even $250!

Time is running out on the November 30th Pledge Drive - make your stand with us!

Simply reply to this email to register your pledge or click here to donate now!

Brett Farley
Duncan Hunter '08
Fundraising Team

P.S. It's go time! Less than 45 days to before the first primary! The Hunter campaign is continuing to gather steam and the national media is taking notice. We need to your help now to keep the momentum! Say thanks to Hunter with your best donation now!

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