Friday, November 30, 2007

November 30th: IT'S TIME!

Over the last 30 days, supporters of Congressman Hunter have responded to the call and tens of thousands of dollars have poured in along with thousands more in pledges!

As you'll recall, we set our goal for those who pledged contributions for November 30th!

Today is the day! So now, on behalf of the honorable Duncan Hunter, we're calling in those pledges to help put the campaign over the top.

If you offered a pledge, now's the time to make it happen: click here to donate your pledge now!

Folks, in the last two weeks there have been some very promising developments in the race for president . . . some of which may at first glance be discouraging . . .

. . . But bare with us as we detail why we're encouraged about the prospects.

In recent news, both Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee have surged while the "top tier" candidates are at best maintaining their positions in the polls.

This is excellent news!


Because along with a higher position in the polls comes increased media scrutiny, criticism from other "top tier" candidates, and more pressure to spend unnecessary money.

Not to mention . . .

Polls are virtually meaningless this early in the campaign!

Polls only indicate one thing: how often a given voter (or non-voter) has seen a person in the media . . . nothing more.

Remember when the polls predicted:

-Howard Dean would be the 2004 Democrat nominee?
-John Kerry would runaway with the presidency 2004?
-Al Gore had beaten George Bush by a landslide in 2000?
-Jimmy Carter would destroy Ronald Reagan in 1980?
-Dewey had beaten Truman in 1948?

The "top-tier" guys are increasingly at each others' throats in the media.

Meanwhile, Duncan Hunter maintains his course, talking straight to the American people about American values and principles.

As the early primaries begin in just over 30 days, the "top-tier" candidates will start making hard decisions and . . .

. . . When the dust settles, the field of candidates will start to winnow . . .


Duncan Hunter will stand strong!

That's why we need your help now!

Mr. Hunter needs every effort from every supporter to help ensure that he has the financial staying power to stand the test of the early primaries.

The American people will soon begin to realize--in fact they already have begun to realize--that Hunter is the ONLY heir to the Reagan legacy.

Where Ronald Reagan stood firm for freedom and security against the threat of Communism, Duncan Hunter will hold the line for liberty and sovereignty against the tide of radical Islamist terror.

He needs your help and he needs it now!

Stand with him on this November 30th and make your principles count!

For Freedom,

Brett Farley
Hunter for President '08
Fundraising Team

P.S. Hunter's performance in the CNN/YouTube debate was on the money, and the American people are learning everyday by the thousands why he's the best man for the job! Right now, we need the most generous contributions from our most loyal patriot supporters to carry on our mission to save our republic. Can we count on you now for $25, $50, $100, or even $250?

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Inc.9340 Fuerte DriveLa Mesa,
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