Friday, November 23, 2007

Duncan Hunter, The Right Man For The Right Reasons

This article explains why Duncan Hunter is the best choice out of Republican crop of candidates for America.

As the campaigning for the 2008 election for President of the United States heats up, we are seeing candidates from both parties taking bolder stances on some issues. Democrats seem more determined than ever for a “change of course” in the War on Terror, Iraq Theater. Translated, that means surrender and abandon the fight just as all signs point to progress. Democrats also seem to be vying for who can raise taxes the highest and offer the most giveaways in their usual bid at class envy saying they will only raise taxes on the “wealthy.”

On the Republican side, other than Libertarian masquerading as a Republican, Ron Paul, all support the fight and all are vying for who is the most conservative, some having to adjust so as to claim a new found conservative stance.

John McCain, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and Rudy Guiliani all have past records to some degree of coddling to Liberals on matters as gun control, abortion, same-sex marriage, campaign finance, illegal immigration and more somewhere along the line. In one or more of the areas mentioned, each has caved to the Democrats in their past. Perhaps they felt that seeking the middle ground was easiest or the best way to go to fulfill a promise or stay in office.


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